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Erin Scully

Erin Scully

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Almost all my works are done with a pallet knife. I layer the oils to create a raised, rough, Impasto texture. The shades and hues of my paintings are blended with using mostly all primary colors; I prefer to mix my own to achieve the closest hues that match the images in my head. These works are sometimes dark and always bold. They are a representation of how my mind’s eye interprets thought, what I see and how I emotionally process. The style of my work is unique and have not yet settled on it. I enjoy letting my self be free from creative constraints and strive to learn more about texture, technique, and color each time I paint. Although I do not currently have my work in a gallery I do sell or trade my paintings. As I continue to strive for that goal I enter contests when I can. I have received two Certificates of Merit from the Luxembourg Art Prize.


Pecos, NM

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