Frequently Asked


Can I be a Creator and a Buyer?

Of course! We make it easy to switch between accounts so that you can have the best of both worlds. If you join KRFTR as a Buyer and wish to become a Creator as well, select the “Creator Sign-Up” button once logged in to your Buyer dashboard and use the same account email to register. If you sign-up as a Creator, you automatically have a Buyer account and the ability to switch between the two different dashboard views once logged in. If you prefer to use different emails for your Buyer and Creator accounts, you will need to log in and out to access your different accounts instead of utilizing the User Switching functionality.

Can someone help me with my idea?

Absolutely! Use our messenger system and talk to an artist about your idea before you submit a brief (art order). You can also email [email protected] if you’d like to learn more about what products our members can make for you.

I'm having trouble uploading photos - help!

There is an image size limit when you upload photos on KRFTR to prevent the website from running too slowly. The fastest way to fix this is by taking a screenshot of your photo to decrease the size. Only upload one photo at a time. The pictures do take a moment to load, so if you’re sending a photo as a message, refresh the page before trying again.



Can I use a tag you don’t have in your system?

Tags are used for searching and identifying Creators and styles. Our tags are preset to make sure everyone uses the same words to prevent confusion, but Creators can submit new tag ideas when editing their profile page.

How much does KRFTR cost?

For Buyers, the only cost is the price of your custom piece plus a 10% service fee.

Creators pay $80/month or $800/year to continue providing our services. The annual option gives two months FREE.

KRFTR membership includes:
KRFTR profile – messaging system, profile bio, personal gallery, access to commission requests.
Marketing – Social media postings, live interviews, live art showings, creator of the month blogs, paid ads.
Basic Business Guidance – Pricing feedback, troubleshooting, best practices.
Customer Management
Money Management

How much does it cost to buy original art?

It’s up to you! You include your price range in your order. If you’re unsure how much it would cost, leave the price blank and talk to the artist of your choice to get a price before you proceed.

Once you choose a Creator, the project enters the quote stage, and the Creator provides an itemized quote. At this point, you can accept the quote, attempt to negotiate, or return to the bidding stage.

How do I commission a Creator?

Once you sign up as a Buyer, all you have to do is create a project brief (art order) through your dashboard. Then Creators come to you, bidding on your brief. You can choose who you would like to work with by accepting the best match for you. If you see a specific Creator in our showcase that you love, you can send your project directly to that creator by selecting their name at the bottom of your brief.

How does payment work?

Once a Buyer accepts a bid from a creator, they have the chance to discuss the quote. Once the Buyer accepts the final quote from an artist, they will pay their invoice in full. Once paid, 20% is nonrefundable: 10% goes to the Creator to make a sketch for you and 10% goes to KRFTR as a service fee.

The rest is distributed to the Creator throughout the process. When the Buyer is happy with how the artwork is looking and approves the Creator’s sketch, the Creator receives another 40%. The Creator receives the final 50% upon delivery.

How long will my custom piece take?

You and your Creator will decide together on the official timeline for your project before you pay and before the project begins.

How will my custom piece be shipped?

Your Creator will be responsible for shipping your piece to you and accounting for that cost in your quote. All Creators are required to use tracking and an appropriate level of shipping insurance for all projects.

How do you guarantee that Creators get paid?

Buyers pay the total cost of the project upfront to ensure that they have the funds, and the money is released to Creators in stages throughout the process to protect our customers.

How do you screen Creators?

Our Creators undergo an application process where we inspect their portfolio and professionalism. Before you commission an artist, you can also review their portfolio and ask them questions to determine whether they are the right Creator for you.

What are Buyer and Creator check-ins?

The Creator will check in with the Buyer while creating their piece to keep them updated and ensure everything is on track. We require at least 3 check-in points: one to approve or edit the initial sketch, one to see how it’s coming along, and one after the product is shipped. Depending on your project, you and your Creator may decide on more check-ins throughout the process.

Buyers need to hit the “Approve Sketch” button to move the process forward. The Creator hits the “Mark As Delivered” button once it’s made it to the customer’s home. The final step is leaving a review.

What if I don’t like the finished piece?

If a piece arrives in poor quality despite the systems we’ve put into place, you can start a dispute. We will have you email us photos of the product, and if it’s not what you requested in your brief, you will be credited or refunded, and the Creator will undergo review. If everything looks good and is in line with the brief, we cannot provide a refund. Art commissions are made specially for the individual, making them an “as is” sale, but we can provide help in creating a clearer brief next time.

How does the bidding process work?

Once a Buyer posts a brief, Creators interested in making the custom piece will bid on it, providing their estimated timeline and price. Buyers can see up to 3 Creator bids at once; the rest are waitlisted until one of those 3 is accepted or rejected.

Once you choose a Creator, you will discuss the project in further detail, and they will provide an itemized quote. After the quote is approved and an invoice is paid, the creation process begins.

What happens when a quote isn’t accepted?

The Buyer and Creator can negotiate the quote if they would like. If they can’t agree on the final price, either can back out and the brief will return to the bidding stage.

Can a Buyer cancel a project?

Buyers can cancel a project from their dashboard until they pay the invoice. After the invoice is paid, you will need to contact Customer Support to handle the process and initiate refunds as appropriate. At this point, KRFTR will still receive their nonrefundable 10% to start a project, and Creators will still receive their nonrefundable 10%, as well as any money already granted throughout the stages of the project. Don’t pay the invoice until you are sure of moving forward. Buyers will have their accounts reviewed if they back out of too many projects after paying an invoice.

Can a Creator cancel a project?

Creators can back out of a project from their dashboard until the Buyer pays an invoice. After the invoice is paid, you will need to contact Customer Support to handle the process. As such, Creators shouldn’t proceed until they check in with the Buyer to make sure they are on the same page. Creators will have their accounts reviewed if they back out of too many projects after an invoice is paid.

Can a brief (art order) be updated?

A Buyer can update their brief (art order) until they and a Creator have agreed on a quote. If a Buyer requests changes after that point, they can message the Creator, but it’s up to the Creator if they can and are willing to make that change. If changes are made after the quote has been paid, you will need to contact us for support.

What are the time limits for Creators?

When creating the project, the only time limit is what the Buyer and Creator agree on from the start. For accepting a brief, creating a quote, or changing a declined quote, Creators have 72 hours. After 72 hours, the brief will return to the bidding process. The Creator may try to bid again if they are still interested.

What if my final product never arrives?

When you commission art, Creators are responsible for the final shipping of your piece. We do, however, require Creators to use shipping insurance to cover costs in the rare event that it gets damaged or lost in transit. We recommend that Creators take photos of their products before shipping and keep proof of shipping to protect themselves.

What if a Creator or Buyer receives multiple bad reviews?

After two bad reviews, we will review their profile and send an email letting them know they are being evaluated. After a third instance, we may remove them.

What if I have an issue with a Buyer or Creator?

If you have a dispute with another member of the KRFTR community, we’re here to help and make sure you are heard. Feel free to contact us through our website or through the Customer Support button on your dashboard. When handling disputes, we will remain neutral until it’s clear how to move forward – at which point we will act swiftly.

What if a Creator doesn’t complete a project?

Buyers are protected by credits or refunds in the event that a Creator doesn’t complete a project. Please contact Customer Support through your dashboard if you run into this issue. We also carefully screen our Creators, charge a membership fee, and distribute payment throughout the creation process to prevent this from happening.