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Hi everyone, Matt here. What to put in a bio...hmmm. Okay here is the breakdown. 1. I am a nurse 2. An artist 3. A cook and a baker but not a candlestick maker...yet. 4. But most importantly, I got married this last year and made my own custom modern cake topper from 'MEGO', I can't say the brand name. :) And people loved it. It was custom and friends said I should try parlaying this for others. So here I am. I am flexible with color, theme and style. I build what inspires me and what you ask for. Its a collaboration as it is you big day. But maybe not getting married? What about a family portrait in mini figures sitting on a couch, in your family room. I am open to all ideas... the more the better! I just enjoy the creative process


Orlando, Florida

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