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Kristie Blanton

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Hi My name is Kristie aka PiePie! I love art and sharing my love for art with others. While art is a passion of mine I am not professionally trained and do create as a hobby. The art I enjoy doing is mostly fun, whimsical, caricature art. Almost everything I create is a custom order. One area I do not excel in in portrait realism so at this time I am not taking orders in this area. If you have an idea message me and I'll tell you if it is something I can create or not as I really do not have a specific style. Something that is unique about me is I am a streamer on twitch. If you order something from me you have the opportunity to watch me create it live on stream. I love chatting with people while I paint and take pride in creating something beautiful and heartfelt for every customer. Some of my other hobbies are gaming with friends and spending time with my fur babies who frequent the stream. I also love true crime and horror, which we get into on stream on Saturdays, so come by and check it out if you would like to see a WIP before placing an order!!!



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