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Paige Trocchia

Paige Trocchia

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Paige's whimsical, tranquil artistic style produces designs that elicit strong emotions. The color contrast and vivid lines of her work make her art stand out. She uses pen and markers as her primary medium. As an illustrator, Paige's inspiration comes from a variety of sources, including the logos of businesses, her environment and popular trends. When it comes to art, Paige loves to show that the possibilities are endless and the canvas can be anywhere. As a freelancer, she was hired to design collages of custom illustration for her clients' newborn nursery. As a passionate entrepreneur and creator, Paige also brings innovative ideas to the table. When it comes to advertising, she loves to combine art with marketing as a communication tool. Her education in Business Development has given her a strategy-oriented perspective of marketing, advertising, and social media. She continues to create different products with her art. In 2021, she published a coloring book called "Make Up The Coloring Book," that can be purchased on Amazon. She continues to explore her horizons by experimenting with new things and accumulating a diverse portfolio.


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