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Diane Wyant

Diane Wyant

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I am an Acrylic Painter ‘living the dream’ in Cedar Run, PA with my husband. The mountains surrounding the beautiful Pine Creek Valley provide abundant inspiration for my landscapes. My paintings are mostly created using Acrylic Paint on Canvas or board and range in themes from Florals to Abstract Intuitive Design and Landscapes. Occasionally I will combine a variety of mixed media or techniques to create the desired texture, look or emotion for a particular piece or series. I aim to create pieces that subtly inspire emotions or memories from viewers. Nature is the basic inspiration for most of my art. When working on a painting I will look for a similar line, curve or shape and try to repeat it throughout the composition. Many of my paintings resemble ‘macro’ or close-up photography, with a shallow depth of field focusing on a main subject and having blurred out backgrounds. I also rely on intuitive design and color theory when working with the colors, forms, and light in my abstract paintings. Having always felt that I was created to create, it is in my Studio where my heart and soul get fed and refreshed. When I am not painting, you will most likely find me either reading a book, walking, cooking, or puzzling.


North Central PA

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