George & Michele Burkett

George & Michele Burkett

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Patricia Dunn posted on 2023-07-24 16:42:41

I ordered an engraved purple tumbler which has been FANTASTIC in this offensively hot weather. It was engraved with my business logo. Can never get enough tumblers.

Patricia Dunn posted on 2023-07-11 17:01:26

George Burkett engraved a beer glass with a personalized message and images for my retirement, complete with helicopters and a date. The glass is great and will be a reminder of my 43 years of service. Thank you!

Patricia Dunn posted on 2023-07-11 17:00:32

George Burkett engraved a coffee cup for me as part of my Father's Day. He engraved a nice saying on one side and he took a picture of our German shepherd, Max, and engraved it on the cup! The engraved image of the dog came out really well and the engraver went above and beyond to make sure we had it on time for our special day. Thank you!

Patricia Dunn posted on 2023-05-07 15:40:38

Michele and George made me a fantastic engraved tumbler for my friend. It came out amazing. Michele was super attentive to how I wanted everything to look and very helpful.

Patricia Dunn posted on 2022-08-31 14:43:47

Michele went above and beyond to do beautiful calligraphy on a mirror for us. It was a themed wedding shower and it was a perfect addition to all the decorations we had at the party. Michele went over all the different ways she could apply the calligraphy and was very patient. Thank you!