KRFTR – November Creator of the Month

Posted November 9, 2021 | By

KRFTR – November Creator of the Month

KRFTR – November Creator of the Month

Posted November 9, 2021 | By

Meet Sam Price with The Spriced Stitch.

Sam Price

Every Stitch is Filled with Love

Sam Price is an embroidery artist based in Orlando, FL. She uses needles, thread, watercolor, and love to create fantastic pieces of art. For anyone looking for artwork that is not only beautiful but shows depth and texture, know that Sam can weave that story. With a background in theatre, every piece translates to something that is bright, clear, and fun! You can view more about Sam on her KRFTR profile.

Our Live Interview

It was great to interview Sam during our #supportcreatorsweek2021 which was a week of supporting and highlighting artists. We did a whole week’s worth of interviews and giveaways in anticipation of KRFTR launching. There was a lot of laughing involved so be sure to check it out! You can see our interview with Sam here:

During our interview we talk about theater, all types of embroidery, television shows like The Curious Creations of Christine McConnell, and why crediting artists is SO IMPORTANT! Our giveaway winner won a custom piece inspired by the horror movie Slender Man. So spooky!

Slender Man-inspired embroidery giveaway prize!

So Many Ideas to Choose From

The greatest thing about Sam’s work is how there are no limits on what can be made. A funny meme? A favorite video game? A portrait of loved ones? A housewarming gift? All of her work will fill their owner with happiness. How could it not? Just look at how wonderful it is!

Embroidery Couple Portrait by Same Price.

If you are interested in commissioning Sam in you can do so with KRFTR! Her favorite topics are pop culture or nature-inspired. A big thank you to Sam Price for joining KRFTR and being one of our founding members. We appreciate you and all the commissions you do!