KRFTR – September Creator of the Month

Posted September 12, 2022 | By

KRFTR – September Creator of the Month

KRFTR – September Creator of the Month

Posted September 12, 2022 | By

Michele Burkett

Meet Michele Burkett – Calligrapher

Michele is a calligrapher, a mother of four, and an overall wonderful person. She has a background in performing theatre and lives in Florida. During the Covid quarantine, she focused more on her calligraphy and fell more and more in love. Her favorite projects include funny creations that have a play on words. She enjoys reading, watching movies, and spending time with her family.

Showing Versatility

When people think about calligraphy they usually think of beautiful cards or handwritten letters. Michele does an amazing job at showing all the different types of products she can help make more lovely with her calligraphy skills! Anything can have lettering incorporated when you put your mind to it! Signs, ornaments, decorations, and more. She can even take her writing and create stickers that are easy to remove when you are done. How cool is that? She has done projects for events, weddings, and home decor.

Sassy and Classy

I had such a fun time interviewing Michele. Check out our interview as we talk about all things sassy calligraphy, makeup, theater, motherhood, and Harry Potter!

Here are some lovely examples of Michele’s work. Be sure to check out her KRFTR profile for more!

Mirror Table seating by Michele

Welcome Wreath by Michele
“Down the Rabbit Hole” mirror by Michele
“The Orrs est 2022” by Michele

Excited About the Possibilities?

Place an order with Michele today! Don’t forget to check out her profile and see more examples of what she can make just for you. A huge thank you to Michele for all the wonderful work she has made for our customers and for being part of the KRFTR community. I appreciate you!