Candle order

I’d like to order the following if they are available:
1 Embracing couple candle
1 bear
1 sparrow
1 honeycomb pillar

Thank you!

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Goddess candles

Hi, my name is Tina and I would love it if you could create a crow and I also would like an owl. Also do you add herbs to your bees wax? I

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Lighthouse candle

Lighthouse candle, needed for a Christmas present.
Shipping address is:
268 Heatherbrooke Circle
Oviedo, FL 32765

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Assorted Candles

Hello, I have a friend Dean who would like to order more candles from you. She asked for two sets of snowmen, trees, and snowflakes. She’d a

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Turkey Candles

Hello Mar,
Can I order 4 Turkey Candles from you?

I am also interested in Christmas candles so let me know when you have those ready.

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Turkey Candle

Turkey candle for Thanksgiving

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Candle thank you gift

Hey Mar,
I have another order for you – I’m looking to get 5 candles to send to a friend (they are also in FL).

I’d like to order 1 mi

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Memorial Candles

Hey Mar,
I am looking to get a memorial candle made for my neighbor. I see your studded pillar beeswax candle – do you have any other opti

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Beeswax honeycomb pillar candle

Hi!!! I was wondering if the pillar candle with the honeycomb/little bees detail is available! I wanted to buy two of those (one is a gift,

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