Painting – Florida

Hello Diane!

Curious to know how much it would cost to have this scene painted? It would be a gift to give my parents in April. Would 8

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Holiday Ornaments

We would like five laser cut "window scene" ornaments, each uniquely different approximately four inches tall. Each should have a

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Fran’s Gift

Looking for a 5×7 painting of our daughter Fran and our dog Molly all dolled up. We’d like the focus to be on Fran and Molly’s faces.

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Joe’s Gift

Looking for a 5×7 painting of our two dogs on the bed. We’d like the focus on dogs and not the bed or surroundings.

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Justice Tarot Card Gift

Hey, I’m looking for a gift of the Justice Tarot Card.

Quick google description:

Justice is a Major Arcana tarot card, numbered eith

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Abstract Gift

I’m looking for a small abstract painting for my MIL for her birthday in December. She loves blue and green. I’d like something that feels b

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Painting of Cheshire Cat

I would like a bright, vibrant 16 X 20 painting of a Cheshire Cat sitting in a tree. We are doing an Alice in Wonerlandish tea party for my

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