Animal Crossing Spooky Painting


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I have two friends getting married October next year. They are big Animal Crossin/Halloween fans. I’m hoping you can help me. Have you worked with glow-in-the-dark paint before?

Jack is an Animal Crossing character that gives you a poster of himself that glows in the dark when you turn the lights off in your home. I’ll attach that here. Ankha is a cat character, Kiki is a black cat, and Lucky is a mummy dog.

Essentially it’s a family portrait but of them as animal crossing characters (Ahkha and Jack as the bride and groom and Kiki and Lucky as their pets). This should stay as Halloween themed as possible and not wedding themed as they love spooky stuff.

I know you are moving, so there is no rush on this since it’s a year away. Just want to put it on paper so it’s on my list.


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