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I’d like to order 10 wooden bookmarks for our friend Dean Birdwell. She’s an old friend who doesn’t like using technology so I place orders for her when she wants something. She saw the bird bookmarks you made and wanted some of her own.

She is requesting 3 birds and 7 animals. She gave me a bunch of ideas and mentioned she may order some more floral options at a later date. The only definite seems to be a hummingbird, so if that’s possible please let me know. Here is what she wrote me:

"Maybe some young animals. Kitties , doggie, hamsters, mice, bear .. any baby animal wild or domestic.. will be fine.
3 birds and 7 animals …may order more later… Dogwood bloom.. magnolia bloom.. Cala lilly bloom.. just some suggestions.
Even would like a bee… butterfly… Ask her what she would like to paint.. Sure she has some good suggestions.
Would like a humming bird for sure…"


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