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I have a request from my MIL for a poem in embroidery. She wants to frame it for them. I will scan the copy she sent me in the mail, but I will type it here too. Please let me know if this is possible and how much it would cost. Let me know where you are on your timeline with commissions too.

Here are the instructions she gave me: "This is the basic format with lettering in black. With a small butterfly and some kind of flowers in the upper right corner in pastels and a vining ribbon in light green with sporadic simple flowers interspaced down the right side."

Stella Ma Belle

You are now one
And your journey has begun.

So many things to learn and do
Like how on earth to tie a shoe,
How to read and dance and play a kazoo.

Some days will be perfect and full of smiles
While others are harder with many trials.

Harder doesn’t mean it can’t be done
It just means reaching the goal is less fun.

Upon your chest there is a scar
But this does not define who you are.

You have a smile that lights the sky
and are brave and strong one can’t belie.

So enjoy the adventures that are to come
and know you are loved lots more than some.



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