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Hey Amber,
I help moderate for a gamer named Deckard on Facebook. He has recently become a partner with facebook. The rest of his mods and I want to do something fun to say congratulations.

After talking they want to make a mock movie poster for him. His favorite horror movie is The Thing (he is a horror video game streamer). So I was trying to pull a movie poster that isn’t too gross but we could make look like him. I’d like to replace the actor with an Alan look-alike. I’ll add pictures of him once you let me know if you can take the job.

I’d like the movie poster to read:

September 1st, 2022
Rated PG

A Deckard Production
Alan Grady
Andrew Balmer
Brian Whitsitt
Juan Aguayo
Mauricio Ruiz Martinez
Patsy Dunn
Tyna Oates
Whitney Wagner


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