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Hey, I’m looking for a gift of the Justice Tarot Card.

Quick google description:

Justice is a Major Arcana tarot card, numbered either VIII or XI, depending on the deck. This card is used in game playing as well as in divination.
Depiction: The figure in the Justice card holds two objects: a scale in one hand as a symbol of balance and a sword in the other to exemplify the preservation of that equilibrium even by means of force.
Meaning: The Justice card indicates that the fairest decision will be made. Justice is the sword that cuts through a situation, and will not be swayed by outer beauty when deciding what is fair and just.
Upright card (keywords): Balance and equilibrium, Cause and effect, Fairness, Justice, Responsibility
Reversed card (keywords): Dishonesty, Imbalance, Lack of accountability, Legal flaws, Unfair treatment
Element: Air
Ruling planet: Venus

I’d like some sort of painting of this done for a birthday gift. Would it be possible to do this on a small scale like an oversized card? Part of me wants regular paint and the other thinks spray paint could be really cool – but I worry how that could be done on a small scale?

I’ll attach an image for reference but I am open to your ideas on artistic interpretation. She is spiritual and leans towards the darker side of things, so I thought you’d be a good fit for this commission. In the end I really want it to show strength.

I left the budget blank because I wanted to get some feedback from you first. Thanks!


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