Oak Tree


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Hello – I have a family friend who wanted me to place an order for an oak tree painting. They would also like to take that artwork image and apply it to wedding thank you cards. I am unsure if you’ve ever turned your artwork into stationary before?

I’ll add an example of the oak tree stationary she choose for her wedding invitations. We’re looking for a simliar whimsical tree. Maybe with the date underneath? I’m open to your ideas. It doesn’t have to match exactly what she has it’s just a reference.

If possible we’d like it by the date requested, but if not let me know when you think we could get it done and we can just let her know it’s on its way. I just got the request today and let them know it may not be possible.

This will be a wedding shower present. It’s the same wedding shower coming up next month where I can showcase your cheshire cat painting!! Hooray! The themed party is looking amazing with lots of KRFTR details so it’s going to be awesome to share!


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