Artist Sunday with KRFTR Creators

Posted November 26, 2023 | By

Artist Sunday with KRFTR Creators

Artist Sunday with KRFTR Creators

Posted November 26, 2023 | By

Celebrating Artist Sunday with You!

KRFTR usually specializes in art commissions (custom art orders) but today we are celebrating the artwork our artists have in their inventory! We are taking this occasion on Artist Sunday to show you art for sale. It’s ready to ship right to your home today!

You can inquire about these pieces at [email protected]please note that not all art for sale include shipping costs.

If you’d like something custom-made instead, you can place an order on KRFTR with exactly what you’re looking for!

Kristie aka Piepiepaintings

Kristie is a painter who likes to make custom signs and logos.

Ohio sign 8×10″ – $20.00

Missouri sign 8×10″ – $20.00

Flower painting 4×6″ – $10.00

Mini signs – $20.00

Large Sign 12″ – $30.00

Tina Stauss

Tina does artwork including paintings, crochet, and felt artwork.

4×4″ small canvas “My Little Friend” with an easel – $35.00

8×8″ Wooden canvas easy to hang, frog and flowers – $55.00

8×8″ wooden canvas “Looks Who’s Coming for Halloween” – $55.00

8×8″ canvas board “Looking for Home” and comes with a small easel – $45.00

8×10″ gallery-wrapped canvas “Majestic Wings” – $80.00

Ivy Egger

Ivy is a painter and glass mosaic artist. She does mixed media work.

“Snowy Smooch” painting 11″x14″ – $200

“Crystal Coast” framed painting 11″x14″ – $250

“Trees of Light” set of two paintings 8″x10″ – $350 for both

“Southernmost Point” painting 8″x10″ – $220

“End of the Rainbow” framed painting 10″x10″ – $220

Tia Sunshine Studio

Tia is a painter who creates paintings, wooden bookmarks, and stationary.

Cards 25 in a set at $5.00 each

“Nurture” bird painting 24x20x1.5″ – $400.00

“Summer Rose” flower painting on wood 8×8″ – $60.00

“Friends are the Best Therapy” 10x10x2″ – $150.00

Wooden bookmarks 5×2″ – $15.00 each

Jenny LeRoy

Jenny is a painter who specializes in all things spooky!

Spooky Ghosts 3×3 and 2.5×3.5″ – $40.00

Spooky Cat 3×5″ – $45.00

Spooky Ghostie framed 3×5″ – $50.00

Camara Goodrich

Cam is a mixed-media artist. Right now she’s having a 50% off sale on her artwork until Christmas December 2023! 50% off has been applied to the artwork below.

“Stare of the Statue” 15.75×12.5×0.75″ oil painting framed – $200.00
“Signature Artist” 30x15x1.5″ with unique hand-made inverted frame – $1000.00
“Shattered” framed (detachable) canvas 16×16″ unframed, 18x18x1.5″ framed – $350.00

“Ancient Anubis” gallery wrapped canvas 14x18x1.5″ – $312.50
“Incognito” oil painting 30x15x1.5″ gallery wrapped canvas – $500.00

“Girl on Fire” 30x15x1.5″ gallery wrapped canvas – $500.00

Thank you so much for shopping with us and I wish you and your family a wonderful holiday season! Happy Artist Sunday!