November Holiday Shopping Guide – Shop Online

Posted November 3, 2022 | By

November Holiday Shopping Guide – Shop Online

November Holiday Shopping Guide – Shop Online

Posted November 3, 2022 | By

Happy Fall Y’all!

Here is the November holiday shopping guide filled with artwork from all the members of KRFTR. You can download it here to see even more examples of what you can order today!

It is very rewarding to give personal gifts compared to generic ones, plus being part of the creative process is really really cool! There is a piece of artwork for every budget. Whether you’re looking for a smaller item like an ornament or bookmark or a large painting.

There are lots of possibilities! Happy shopping!

Embroidery Portrait by Sam The Spriced Stitch.

Digital/Traditional character art by Amber Gowan-Ramos

Turkey Beeswax Candle by Mar with Windborne Candles.

Couple bracelets by Dani Keith.

Ghost Family Painting by Ashley Silver.

Tarot Card Painting by Jennifer LeRoy.

Friendship Bracelet by Paige Trocchia.

Crochet Baby Blankets by Tina Stauss.

Landscape painting by Diane Wyant.

Vibrant Painting by Lori McKinnon.

Cooking Board by Brianna Heida.

Glass Mosaic by Ivy Eggers.

Fiber Wall Art by Laura Mason.

Calligraphy on Pumpkins by Michele Burkett.

Watercolor Flower by Tia Sunshine.

Lots of Inspiration!

I hope you enjoy downloading the holiday shopping guide. You can check out our inspiration and showcase pages to see more examples of the types of artwork you can order. Message artists directly if you want to ask them what is possible, or submit a brief (art request) if you already have an idea! It’s so much fun to give custom artwork and avoid generic products.

Be on the lookout for our December holiday guide as well, coming soon!

Happy Holidays!